Pastured Chicken

Chilligo Creek Farm will be taking chicken orders early for the 2017 season. Due to our expanding family we are offering a limited amount of chicken for the 2017 season.

All chickens are raised outside on pasture and given fresh water and food twice daily. The chsummer 2015 227ickens are moved twice a day to ensure the freshest pasture possible. Offering pasture to our chickens means they are able to supplement their diet with grass, seeds, weeds and insects. This varied diet insures th006at you get the most nutritious chicken possible. Our chickens are extremely active which makes them less susceptible to disease and aliments. Our chickens are provided with shelter if they chose to take shelter and spend all of their time outdoors. As a result we feel we are respecting the chicken and provide them with the best life possible.



Chicken is available in the following cuts at the following prices ($/lb.)

Whole Bird ($6.00/lb.)
Half Bird ($6.00/lb.)
Four Piece Cut Bird includes thighs, breasts, wings and drumsticks ($10/lb.)

Birds will be available fresh on October 17, 2017 or frozen after that date.
Birds will be available for pick up at the farm or at the Cambridge Farmers Market.