Your Farmer

Amanda Bilek

Amanda is the principal farmer and is responsible for growing, washing, transporting and selling everything that the farm produces. Amanda does not come from a farming background but feels that farming is in her bones. Amanda grew up in the rural Cambridge area, as a child she was interested in nature, animals and the environment. Amanda always wanted to be a farmer but by the advice of many others went to University and got a degree in Water Resources Engineering. After six years of working in the environmental consulting industry Amanda met her future husband Phil and started making a plan to be a full time farmer.

Amanda has a passion for growing healthy food for those she loves, canning and preserving for the long winter months and making the environment a better place for the next generation.

Phil Bilek

Phil currently works full time off the farm, however is heavily involved in the farm. He fixes and maintains all the equipment, helps with harvesting and sells at the farmers market with Amanda. Phil is a second generation farmer and is passionate about preserving family farming in Ontario.


Our Families

Without the help of our families we would not be able to farm. They provide both moral and physical support to us every day and we are so thankful that they help us. From helping harvest, loaning equipment, selling at the farmers market or even just talking on the phone after a challenging day, they do a lot and we love them very much.