How We Farm

The farm produces vegetables, flowers, transplants and chicken. Our philosophy is to farm with integrity, transparency and honesty.



How we farm is based on integrity. Integrity to us means to respect the soil and all the organisms on the farm. We are committed to soil building, increasing the biotic life in our soil, maintaining the overall environment of our farm and respecting our livestock and their comfort.

To achieve these commitments we have chosen to farm small scale, bio-intesively and according to organic principles. For more detailed information on our production methods please click here.





Chilligo Creek F005arm is committed to direct consumer – farmer relationships. We feel this relationship offers a window to you (our customer) to how your food is produced. We produce our vegetables and transplants according the organic principles however we are not certified. We also raise our chickens on pasture and feed antibiotic and GMO free feed. Chilligo Creek Farm believes a label or stamp does not guarantee to you, the consumer, that you are getting what you pay for. We believe that only a direct relationship with your farmer can guarantee you are eating what you pay for. Because of this belief, we have a 100% open door policy at the farm. We invite you, our customers, to come to the farm and see how your food is produced.




Honesty is a two way street and means providing you with healthy, nourishing food but you in return providing us with a living wage. Seems like a fair deal right? For us to farm ethically and responsibly we need to be honest. Food production is a lot of work and to produce food without conventional methods (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics, chemical fertilizers, etc.) means that your farmers have to invest a lot more labour in producing your food. This in turn raises the cost of the food we produce.